Blind & Frozen

12. ledna 2018 v 21:21 | Náťa |  Trocha poezie
- inspirace písní Blind and frozen od Beast in black -

Even though
- and I admit it
I've let you down
you still went through it

Through the hard times
but the better
you saved, not for me
Now I am stuck in misery

I won't brag
about how much
it hurts me
but I must say

I miss how I
touched your heart
and held you in my arms
Now it's gone like shattered ice

Every day and night
I try to remember your warmth
it's getting harder
as the time flows by

I wish I had never
broke the promise
I gave you
back then

I wish I could ever
break the ice
that covers and blinds
my heart

Warm me up
once again
with your love.

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